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Cities Reference Apartment #3000Paris picture #1

Priority Apartments

Paris Apartment #3000Paris
3 ème - Le Marais, Rue Portefoin
Sleeps 3, 1 bed / 1 bath, 1076ft2/100m2
from €1,218/week
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Cities Reference Apartment #100VENDICARI picture #1

Priority Apartments

Noto Apartment #100VENDICARI
Villa Vendicari
Sleeps 11, 4 bed / 3 bath, 2690ft2/250m2
€2,466 - €4,025 per week
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Cities Reference Apartment #345 picture #1

Priority Apartments

Rome Apartment #345
Trastevere, Casa Castelbolognese
Sleeps 4, 2 bed / 1 bath, 699ft2/65m2
€602 - €920 per week
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Cities Reference Apartment #2710Rome picture #1

Priority Apartments

Rome Apartment #2710Rome
Campo Dei Fiori, Pellegrino
Sleeps 5, 1 bed / 1 bath, 646ft2/60m2
€672 - €714 per week
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Cities Reference Apartment #184b picture #1

Priority Apartments

Rome Apartment #184b
Colosseo, VINTAGE
Sleeps 6, 3 bed / 2 bath, 1506ft2/140m2
€1,603 - €2,011 per week
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Cities Reference Apartment #100bVENDICARI picture #1

Priority Apartments

Noto Apartment #100bVENDICARI
Villa Vendicari Senior
Sleeps 8, 3 bed / 2 bath, 1829ft2/170m2
€1,620 - €3,450 per week
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Last Minute Apartment Deals
Rome Apartment #345
Apartment #345
Rome, Trastevere
€602 - €920 per week
Sleeps 4, 2 bed / 1 bath
Rome Apartment #1070Rome
Apartment #1070Rome
Rome, Trastevere
€512 - €655 per week
Sleeps 4, 1 bed / 1 bath
Noto Apartment #107Noto
Apartment #107Noto
Noto, Contrada Portelle
€2,014 - €2,706 per week
Sleeps 6, 3 bed / 2 bath
Rome Apartment #558
Apartment #558
Rome, Navona
€803 - €1,031 per week
Sleeps 4, 1 bed / 1 bath
Punta Secca Apartment #101PuntaSecca
Apartment #101PuntaSecca
Punta Secca, Via John Kennedy
€2,351 - €3,000 per week
Sleeps 6, 1 bed / 1 bath
Rome Apartment #482
Apartment #482
Rome, Vaticano
€798 - €1,014 per week
Sleeps 3, 2 bed / 2 bath
Rome Apartment #923
Apartment #923
Rome, Campo Dei Fiori
€1,046 - €1,331 per week
Sleeps 6, 1 bed / 1 bath
Rome Apartment #444
Apartment #444
Rome, Trastevere
€774 - €998 per week
Sleeps 5, 2 bed / 1 bath
How It Works
Why Cities Reference?
Frequently Asked Questions
How does apartment search & booking with Cities Reference work?
It's just 3 steps, taking an average 6 min. 20 sec of your time.

Read the instructions below if you have spare time or just start your apartment's search since the process is tutored by pop up instructions and you don't really need much instructions.

1) Apartment Search: We recommend you use the search box to save time.
a) Standard Search: input your date of arrival and departure, the number of guests and 'GO'. The resulting list will include all we have available for your timeframe arranged according to our own rankings, but you can also easily sort it (at top right of the page) by other criteria like the rental price, area, size, or guest ratings.
b) Advanced Search: using the results above, to your left you can Focus your search instantly, just check what you want: internet, phone, TV, washer, terrace, elevator, or ground floor and more criteria of your choice may narrow down your search, saving some of your precious time! Otherwise, top right, you can Sort by: Price, Size, Area, Guest Rating or Apartment Listing #.
c) Quick search: If you're here to find an apartment in a specific street input a one keyword search in the quick box search top right of the page. If you already know the listing number of the apartment you're looking for just input that in the quick search box.
d) Explore apartments: , if you're not in a hurry just use the Explore Apartments in the navigation and check them all out at your leisure
e) Use the Map View to search your apartments overimposed on the map of the chosen location so you can choose your property at an eye glance.
e) Favorite and Compare apartments: to compare recently viewed apartments use the appropriate feature see more details on Cities Reference blog.

2) Verify: Once you find the apartment of your choice, make sure the dates and number of people have been selected and are available, read the apartment description carefully. If you like it click on 'BOOK NOW'.

3) Book: Please check your email inbox immediately to find the confirmation email containing detailed arrival information and contacts. If you can't find it, please look in the spam box, if you still can't find it please contact us.
a) If you picked an Instant Booking apartment your booking is confirmed and you've already paid our fee (including taxes) upfront via credit card or PayPal or will pay within 24 hours via bank wire. Either way you'll receive an automated email with your arrival information containing the full contact details of the owner/keyholder that will take care of your check-in. When payment is received and registered you'll get an invoice/receipt for your advance payment via email.
b) If you picked an On Request apartment a request is sent to the apartment owner to accept or decline. If they accept, it's the same procedure as above; if they don't you'll be offered alternative dates and a small rebate.

4) Travel: We recommend paying the balance in cash on arrival after walking through the apartment as part of the check-in process (unless otherwise noted in the House Rules). This way you know what you're getting before you pay. If there are major differences between the photos and description and the apartment itself you can deny payment and also get a full refund from us. In this case and/or if there are any problems getting in touch with the owner/keyholder, please contact us and we'll assist you. For any other issues that may arise during your stay you should contact the owner/manager directly and copy us in any email correspondence.
How do you protect me from scam?
Your payment doesn't happen until after you've seen and accepted the apartment*. That means that if anything goes wrong you contact us and we'll offer you alternatives and solutions. If that doesn't work out, we'll refund you in full. We never hold onto advance payments if the booking is not completed.

Not least we verify apartments and meet their owners as soon as possible. When placing a booking you can easily see which apartment is Verified™, in the Description tab, at the top of the apartment's description beside the label Apartment.

Guests are asked to review the rented apartment and its owner at the end of their stay. Use the Guest Reviews tab to read previous traveler's feedback.

We have over a decade of experience, working with vacation apartment rentals since 1997, and we can assure you that through our processes, scammers just don't waste time listing with us.

*Please note that some apartment owners do require payment in advance, when so you will find metion of it in the description and, more importantly, in the House Rules that you're requested to approve before booking.
When is a booking secured? Do I have to pay before I get my confirmation?!?
A booking is secured when the advance payment has been successfully paid.

If you're booking a 'On Request' apartment you are required your payment method, but you are not charged before we get a final confirmation from the owner. If you don't want to give your credit card details in advance of confirmation just pick up PayPal or Bank wire as payment method. You can provide us with your credit card details after confirmation if you prefer.

Make sure to keep track of confirmations throughout the booking process. At every major step (booking, payment, reminder, feedback) you'll receive an automated email from the website. Not in your inbox? Check your spam filter after you book and mark as our messages 'not spam' to prevent this from happening again.
View all of our FAQs