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Terms of Use
Terms of Use of this Website as offered to you by EGE group Srl

Welcome to the Website operated by EGE group Srl, incorporated and based in Rome, Italy (hereby referred to as "Cities Reference", "we", "us" or "our"). EGE group Srl maintains as parent site and all it's related sites,, etc  (hereafter "Site" or "Sites" or "WebSite" or "Websites") as a service to this Website users (hereafter "Service" or "Services"). By using this Site, you (hereafter "You" or "Your" or "Traveler" or "Owner") agree to comply with and be legally bound by the following terms of use ("Terms"). We reserve the right to modify these Terms and you are responsible for regularly reviewing them.


Our web sites acts as an online marketplace for you to find and transact with other users. Our web sites' net is not a broker, lender, or seller and is not a party to any agreement you may make. As we have no control over the conduct of our users, you are responsible for any information you provide in your published listing and the conduct of your business.

2. Identity Verification
User verification on the Internet is difficult, and we cannot and do not confirm each user’s purported identity. We encourage you to communicate directly with the renters before meeting.

3. Interactions
You are solely responsible for your interactions with other users of our Service. We will not be responsible for any damage or harm resulting from your interactions with other users.

4. Release
You hereby release Cities Reference and its owners, employees, agents, affiliates and third party service providers from any claim, loss, damage, expense or harm which arises from, relates to or is connected with your use of Cities Reference's services.  You agree that any legal remedy or liability that you seek to obtain for actions or omissions of other users will be limited to a claim against the particular user or users who caused you harm.

5. Accuracy
All property listings on our web sites are submitted by You, and their content is your responsibility.
Listing Prices.
If you post a listing offering accommodation through the Site which is accepted by you and a guest, you acknowledge and agree that the price you specify for that listing will constitute an essential part of a binding agreement between you and the guest. You further agree not to alter the price once accepted.

6. Content
We have no obligation to post any content from you or anyone else. In addition, we may, in our sole discretion, edit, remove or delete any content that you post or submit. 
1.6.b THIRD-PARTY CONTENT. In using our Services, you may be exposed to content and information from other users or third parties ("Third-Party Content"), either at our Site or through links to third-party websites. We do not control, and shall have no responsibility for, Third-Party Content, including material that may be unlawful or misleading.

7 Payment&Discounts
In exchange for providing the Service, Cities Reference keeps a small portion of the rental's price of each stay. As a traveler, you agree to pay Cities Reference its then current service charge for each guest’s stay. Some optional services or functionality may incur additional fees. Discounts offered by this website, where applicable, can't be cumulated, only one highest discount offer will be valid erasing all the smaller or equal ones.

8. No Agency
Our relationship is that of independent contractors, and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relation is intended or created by these Terms or your use of our Websites. Cities Reference does not do business as an owner or operator of hotel or motel rooms, nor is it a provider of rooms, lodging or accommodations. Cities Reference's role is solely to facilitate the availability of this marketplace for the Owner and Traveler and to provide services related thereto, and any agreement for the use of any accommodations is solely between the Owner and Traveler and not Cities Reference.

9. Intellectual Property.
Material on our Site is protected by rights of copyright, trademark, trade secret.
You may not retrieve data or other content from our Site whether by manual methods, through the use of bots, crawlers, or spiders, or otherwise. You may not display any portion of our Site without our prior written consent. You're welcome to linke to the homepage of our Websites without our written consent.

We may, in our discretion and without liability to you, with or without cause, with or without prior notice and at any time: (a) terminate your access to our Services, (b) deactivate or delete any of your accounts and all related information and files in such accounts and (c) bar your access.

We may, in our discretion and without liability to you, with or without prior notice and at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any portion of our Services.

12. Indemnification
You shall indemnify, defend or at its option settle any third party lawsuit or proceeding brought against Cities Reference, its owners, affiliates or syndication partners and any of its respective officers, directors, employees and agents, based upon or arising out of your use of Cities Reference's Network Websites or services.

13. Choice of Law
All services provided and rights of use granted hereunder are considered to take place in Italy.
You irrevocably agree that any cause of action you may submit in connection with your use of this web site or pursuant to these Terms will be filed in Rome, Italy, which will be the venue of any legal dispute.
You also agree that any dispute will be governed by Italian laws.
In the event of a dispute, You agree to an action in small claims court or to submit to binding arbitration. Each party shall be responsible for its own attorney, attorney fees and other fees, unless awarded by the arbitrator under applicable law.
Standard Apartment Terms & Conditions
Policies and Procedures

Please read the House Rules above if available. Some owners have their own House Rules which override our standard terms below. If there are no House Rules above, the below terms will apply in full.
For information on our policies and procedures, please also see our Cities Reference FAQ for travelers.

Check-In / Check-Out
  • Arrival: Please always make sure to call the number(s) provided in the booking confirmation for any last minute communication regarding your arrival (ie: your arrival is delayed, etc). Make sure to call the key holder/owner one hour before the estimated arrival at the apartment. Any delay may result in a failure to meet the key holder and the need to set a new appointment at the agent's next available time.
  • Check-in Time: Check-in is free during daytime until 8.30pm. If you want to check in earlier than noon you may have to leave your luggage at the apartment and wait until the apartment is ready. Late check-ins between 8.30 and 10:30 pm are charged an extra fee of 20 euro. Check-in between 10:30 pm and midnight incurs an extra fee of 30 euros. Should you require to check-in later than midnight, please inquire the owner of the apartment if it can be accommodated and at what cost.
  • Balance: Unless you have already paid the full amount before arrival, you will be expected to pay the balance in cash (in local currency - no travelers checks) as soon as you receive the apartment's keys. It is very important that you are able to pay the outstanding balance in local currency at check-in since the key holders are not allowed to make the apartment available without a full payment. If you want to pay before arrival, most owners will accept a bank wire if done at least one month prior to check-in. Any bank fees are the sender's responsibility.
  • Damage Deposit: After you pay your rent balance, it is required that you sign a credit card slip as a damage deposit. This deposit is to guarantee that you will take responsibility for any damages you may cause. A few owners may not accept credit cards for the damage deposit and require a check or a forfeit amount in cash, if so it must be noted above under the house rules and/or in the apartment description. The damage deposit is never charged without your agreement and in case of disagreement with the owner we will act as mediators if you ask our help. We have never had problems with credit card damage deposits in almost two decades and only very rarely with cash deposits, again, unless otherwise specified on the description or here above in the apartment's owner House Rules, damage deposits are always paid on credit card slips that are only charged with your previous agreement.
  • Key Holder's Duty: The key holder should show you the apartment and explain how everything works. Please feel free to question him/her if you feel he/she is being unexplicative. Any fees that have been included in your rental payment do not cover the porterage of baggage, cloak rooms, or other additional service, such as walks to ATMs, etc. If the key holder provides any additional services beyond showing and explaining the apartment features, a separate gratuity directly to the person performing the service would be expected.
  • Check-Out: Check-out time is 10:00 am or earlier. If you need to check-out later, please enquire with our office before placing the booking. You will be provided with a "Check-Out List" of things to do when leaving the apartment. Please follow the instructions.

Web Site Fee

Cities Reference's fee and taxes are included in the apartment cost posted in the search results. You can find further details in the support page.


1- You cancel your booking and your dates are rented in full to another party. You will not lose your money and they will be used for your next booking with Cities Reference. In case of partial rental of your canceled dates you'll be credited in proportion.
2- You cancel your booking two weeks or longer prior to arrival and your dates remain vacant. You lose your down payment only.
3- You cancel your booking last minute and your dates remain vacant. You are requested to pay 30% of the total rental fee (ie: down payment + any difference there may be).
4- Cancellations during the stay no entitlement to a refund of any paid amounts unless owner gave cause to the cancellation.
5- Reductions of the number of nights are not allowed. You will be free to add nights only if the apartment is available.
6- Change in the number of People in your booking have to be communicated at least one week prior to arrival. Please beware that the price of the entire rental is fixed on the max number of people you reach in any given period of your stay.

If the owner cancels: You will be offered an upgrade equivalent to 5% of total, if you can't find a suitable alternative apartment rental you will be refunded in full. We will also use all our influence to have the owner pay you a penalty fee equivalent to what you had paid in advance. However, it must be stressed that we are not responsible for the owner's decisions and actions, and that we will never hold on to your down payment in case of cancellation.

Additional Charges

UTILITIES: For rentals shorter then 4 weeks, gas and electricity are included up to a use equivalent to 50 euro. For rentals longer then 4 weeks, utilities are not included in the rental fee. Meters can be checked in the apartment or in the building: electricity 35c., gas 90c. per unit. Please inquire with the key holder upon check-in for further details. Should there be a phone line, incoming calls are included, outgoing non-local calls are not included unless you use your own calling card. Phone line will normally allow only direct local calls. Therefore bringing your own phone or calling card is suggested.

Comparable Premises and Force Majeure: If your booking gets canceled by third party or force majeure before your arrival we will do all in our power to move you to comparable or better premises. If we fail to find something suitable you'll be refunded in full. If we do find an acceptable alternative apartment for you, your down payment will be used to pay for the alternative apartment and will not be refunded.
This website, owners of the apartments and property managements are not responsible for third party actions or lack thereof (ie works in the buliding or on the street, power shortages, public strikes, weather conditions, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, etc).


Unless otherwise noted in the apartment description or specified during the booking process, rental fees will include main amenities (ie: beds and mattresses, wardrobe, desk, table, chairs, etc) and services (such as heating and hot water, please note that internet and air conditioned are not considered main services in Europe, always look for inclusion in the apartment description if you need them. Cleaning service is only rarely included during your stay, or change of linens. Look for inclusion in the apartment description otherwise please assume those services are not included). One set of linens (sheets and towels) and cooking facilities (including cooking and dining utensils) are provided with the apartment at no extra charge. Each apartment description lists which amenities are included with the apartment. Please check for precise inclusions before booking.


This web site acts only as such, our duty is to match owners' availability calendars with clients' booking requests. Once the booking is completed, the two parties conducting business are owners and renters. We do not provide concierge services. We have a base in the center of Rome and will do our best to assist clients with their apartment-related needs after check-in. However, our ability to help is limited by owners' permissions to act on their behalf and by our business hours.

Property managements are operated independently of this vacation rental web site, and we're not responsible for negligence, omission, or misbeahaviour in the services by third parties, i.e., owners of the properties, tenants, drivers, etc.

Rate Information

Apartment rates are always quoted in EURO (all other currencies at the current rate of exchange). Payments, unless otherwise stated during the booking process, are only accepted in EURO.

Choice of Law

All services provided and transactions performed on and through this web site are considered to take place in Italy. You irrevocably agree that all transactions in connection with your use of this website or pursuant to these Terms are governed by Italian laws, and any legal actions need to be filed with the courts of law of Rome, Italy.
Privacy Policy
We acknowledge the importance of privacy.

We store your encrypted personal information for 30 days after your check out and after that automatically erase them from our database.

We DO NOT share personal or non-personal aggregated information with third parties unless for very limited circumstances such as complying with legal process, preventing fraud or imminent harm and ensuring the security of our network and services.

The full version of the privacy policy is contained in the Italian version in this website.

Please for all details inquire with