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Sicily Apartment #100TRAR
Apartment #100TRAR
Sicily, Buseto Palizzolo Via Antonino Manzo, (TP)
€630 - €882 per week
Sleeps 6, 3 bed / 2 bath

Sicilian villa rentals in Sicily for your summer vacation

We may all agree that Sicilian coasts were all born equal, arguable, but even if we do, we can't deny that they aren't equal anymore. I would estimate that 95 to 99% of Sicily villas by the sea you can nowadays rent in Sicily come with unknown cars driving and parking by your gate (when not in front of it), neighbors in pink or blue villas (when not just bare bricks) playing loud music and smoking barbecues, etc.

When googling ‘Sicily Villas’ you’ll find thousands of agencies offering you villas in front of the sea and what you’ll likely pay most attention to is the distance of the villa from the seaside. We strongly suggest that you also google the area in Sicily and the name of the Sicilian beach where the villa is located or just double check in a good map with street view. If there is asphalt by your villa, and your villa is by the sea, chances are it's all overbuilt and crowded.

We have our opinion about the sandy beaches that are still unspoiled in Sicily. Riserva di Vendicari and the Riserva dello Zingaro have no competitors, for the simple reason that are both natural reserves. Said that Vendicari can be much more practical than the Riserva dello Zingaro because you can get much closer to the beach with your car or bike.

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The Riserva di Vendicari boasts at least four top level sandy beaches. The Vendicari beach itself, the San Lorenzo beach, the Cala Mosche beach (voted the most beautiful beach of Sicily and Italy in 2006), the Eloro beach and a little further out from the natural reserve, yet stunning in its beauty is the Carratois beach, just over Porto Palo, the Southernest tip of Europe.

Most of the above beaches have ancient Roman and Greek ruins that you can admire at a small walk distance and are praised the world over for the beauty of the Mediterranean flora. At a small drive you’ll find the Unesco World Heritage baroque city of Noto and the not less stunning cities of Siracusa, Scicli and Modica.

Said that, unlike the Riserva dello Zingaro, in Vendicari you will find very Sicilian Villas which are at a walkable distance from the sea and yet secluded from the noise of streets and cars and disco music.

So, to the lovers of silence and rest and beauty, we recommend when choosing Sicily Villas to look for Vendicari villas, or Noto Villas, rather than anywhere else in Sicily.
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