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Paris Apartment #3500Paris
Apartment #3500Paris
Paris, 3 ème - Le Marais
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Sleeps 4, 2 bed / 1 bath
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Apartment #167PAR
Paris, 14 ème - Montparnasse
€1,661 - €2,520 per week
Sleeps 4, 2 bed / 1 bath
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Apartment #179bParis
Paris, 15 ème - Montparnasse
€1,992 - €2,249 per week
Sleeps 3, 1 bed / 1 bath
Paris Apartment #110PAR
Apartment #110PAR
Paris, 14 ème - Montparnasse
€831 - €1,056 per week
Sleeps 4, 1 bed / 1 bath

Paris Location: A Guide to Paris Arrondissements

A Guide to Paris' Arrondissements

Negotiating through Paris can be a nightmare for the uninitiated. To help tourists keep track, Paris is divided into 20 distinct locations, arrondissements. When looking for lodging, hotels or apartments in Paris, the district or location is often given. Each of the districts can be basically described by the historical significance of the monument in its center.

The center of Paris is the Premier arrondissements and the other sectors spiral outward in a clockwise fashion. Known as Les Halles (pronounced Layh-al) it used to be the central marketplace and continues to be one of the main shopping areas. It is home to the National Museum of Modern Arts, library and trendy restaurants. At the heart of the city it is the most famous. Here you will find the Louvre and the Palais Royal, thought to be the starting point of the French Revolution.

If tourists travel to the popular Louvre museum the garden that leads to the Louvre complex is known as the Tuileries. Les Tuileries is flanked by small luxury shops and souvenir vendors that sell items to local tourists.

The Marais, 3e, is also known as "Old Paris" as it is host to the interesting architecture of 17th century mansions that are still standing today. Historic courtyards, narrow winding streets and interesting museums (Picasso Museum). It also contains many trendy boutiques and clubs.

The 4e district includes the Ile de la Cite - Ile Saint-Louis and is one of the oldest areas of the city. Here the Romans established a camp in 52BC. Host to towering Cathedral such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Sainte-Chappelle it is a wonderful place to unwind and soak up the quieter atmosphere of Paris. This area draws its peacefulness from the fact that there are no metro stations and limited bus service. This lends it to be less travelled by the common tourist found in other areas of the city.

The Latin Quarter is the 5e district and is one of the oldest districts in Paris. It has its own community vibe and village like atmosphere. Relax amidst the Gardens of Luxembourg that is lined with benches and paths. Here one can loose track of time as there are an array of cheese shops and bakeries to temp the palate.

If trendy coffee shops and high priced boutiques selling designer clothes such as Vuitton, Armani and Prada, is more your style then venture to the 6e district of St Germain-des-Pres. Originally founded as a meeting place for intellectuals and artisans the locals have been replaced by well travelled tourists seeking famous haunts of historic intellectuals.

The 7e district is where government rubs shoulders with residential blocks. Considered to be the downtown core it is the host of the Eiffel Tower and the famous Musee d'Orsay. Another interesting visit to add to the itinerary is a visit to the Musee Rodin. A quant home the sculptor lived in is open as a museum.

The Champs Elysee is located in the 8e district. Popular with the tourist trade this area is full of chic shopping spots and trendy bakeries.

The Opera district is in the 9e area. Luxury boutiques, theatres and restaurant dot the streets along the Opera district. The Opera de Paris along with many fine shops are big tourist draws.

There are many excursions in the 10e district. The Gare de lEst and the Gare du Nord are interesting train stations.

The 11e district is the mixing bowl of the steadfast aristocrats of Paris meets the influx of the new. Here the Canal St Martin offers a unique respite from the towering buildings and expensive night clubs as this area has interesting restaurants to get a cool drink all at an affordable price. Even the locals have embraced the Canal St Martin. Although not much in the way of tourist attractions it is a great venue to enjoy the Parisian atmosphere.

The Bastille area is the 12e district and is host to a steadfast artisan marketplace. Here tourists can stroll along the planted mall to view artisans crafting in their shops.

Primarily residential, the 13e area was one of the starting points during the 1848 Revolution. A growing ethic community and Paris' Chinatown is located here.

The famous Catacombs of Paris are located in the 14e quadrant. The maze of exhumed bones is a great tourist attraction.

Considered a wealthy neighborhood the 15e area of the Boise de Boulogne and Trocadero Gardens is host to many interesting museums. Along with the 16e district they are considered to be among the exclusive neighborhoods in Paris.

Tocadero is the 16e arrondissements located slightly south of the Arc de Triomphe and home to the Palais de Chaillot. With its unobstructed views of the Eiffel Tower it is no wonder that it is considered to be the upper class district of Paris.

The 17e section is host to the Arc de Triomphe and the Parc Monceau. This lively area is host to the cosmopolitan attractions of cinemas, shopping malls and the financial district of Paris. The international flavor of the area has been commercialized as one can just as easily find a trendy French boutique just as easily as a 'McDonalds' along this stretch of road.

The Montmartre, the 18e, literally means the mountain of the martyr and this mountain soars around 130 meters. It is an older section of town with village qualities. Many local shops, cafes and bakeries are tucked into the narrow winding streets that weave among the steadfast churches and open markets. Bring sturdy walking shoes as there are many interesting cobblestoned aisle ways to investigate.

The further from the city center the more residential Paris becomes. This is true in the 19e sector, Belleville. It is host to an eclectic collection of ethnic shops and restaurants.

The final or 20e arrondissement is host to the working class families of Paris. It continues to house residential district. The Pere-Lachaise Cemetery is the focal point of this area and includes famous graves of Oscar Wild and legendary rock singer Jim Morrison. 
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