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Barcelona Apartment #103eBarcelona
Apartment #103eBarcelona
Barcelona, Carrer de Bac de Roda
from €7,560/week
Sleeps 8, 4 bed / 3 bath
Barcelona Apartment #181Barcelona
Apartment #181Barcelona
Barcelona, El Raval
€395 - €504 per week
Sleeps 4, 2 bed / 1 bath
Barcelona Apartment #SOF195cBR
Apartment #SOF195cBR
Barcelona, El Raval
from €1,907/week
Sleeps 5, 2 bed / 1 bath
Barcelona Apartment #103aBarcelona
Apartment #103aBarcelona
Barcelona, El Ensanche
from €10,080/week
Sleeps 10, 5 bed / 2 bath

Experience Life Like a Local With Barcelona Apartment Rentals

Barcelona is one of Europe's top cities, and travelers can find themselves paying top prices for accommodations as well. Barcelona apartment rentals can be an inexpensive alternative to hotels, allowing visitors to enjoy neighborhood life in historic buildings just like the city's Spanish, Catalan and other residents do.

Barcelona Culture

One terrific advantage of Barcelona apartment rentals is the availability of kitchen facilities. Barcelona is famous for its food markets. La Boqueria is the largest and best known. Visitors will want to take advantage of the quality local produce and seafood on offer, and with Barcelona apartment rentals, food purchased at these markets can be stored and prepared.

An apartment rental rather than a hotel also gives greater autonomy and privacy to the visitor. There's no need to worry about hotel housekeeping or restaurant hours. Barcelona apartment rentals offer a glimpse into how locals live. Renters can enjoy fresh ocean breezes and the sounds of street life rather than the sterile and generic hotel experience.

Barcelona has a number of unique neighborhoods with different attractions and attitudes. Tourists interested in renting apartments might choose between the beach neighborhood of Barceloneta, the hip and trendy El Born area, the old historic Cuitat Vella/Gòtic section and many others. Rentals often reflect the style and mood of the neighborhood in which they are located.

Visitors who plan to stay more than a few days in the city may find another advantage of apartment rentals. Discounts for extended stays are often available.

Start Looking Today
A number of good deals are available for those who start early, and travelers may find that going through an agency gives them peace of mind regarding deposits and communications. In addition, agencies will have a variety of properties available, allowing those in search of Barcelona apartment rentals to find the perfect place for that dream vacation.  
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